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Diminishing work satisfaction, burnout, overwhelm, and anxiety are your constant companions... Are you an emerging leader struggling to be productive and feeling overwhelmed with your workload? Most leaders face diminishing work satisfaction, burnout, and anxiety when this happens. Want to know why? Success is in your blood! Those who desperately want to succeed suffer the most from low productivity because it tears away at their vision and goals.


The secret to high productivity (and saying goodbye to burnout)

The secret is, there is no secret! Enterprising leaders already know WHAT they need to do to be productive. The reason they're not productive is that they can't figure out HOW to get it done or WHY it's not getting done right now. No leader in their right mind wants to work hundreds of hours a month (I know I'm not the only one), they may like the profitable results, but imagine getting those same results while working significantly less!


As a Marine Corps Officer, I learned to do more with less... I remember like it was yesterday when I realized that working less while being more productive was possible. I was a Marine Corps Company Commander working 12-14 hour days on the regular and in the office most Saturdays...I was missing out on what was most important to me. Something desperately needed to change and over the course of just three months, I used what little free time I had to figure out why I was spending so much time at work and how to overcome it. Victory! I went from working 12-14 hour days to getting most of my work done in 4.


I went from working 12-14 hour days to getting most of my work done in 4.


And all of this happened at a time where our company increased in personnel size from 260 to 375 (even though my staff remained the same at 5). By the end of my tour as Commander, I was leading one of the largest companies in the Marine Corps, we had raised our readiness levels from 70% to 90%, and I was awarded the Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal for my leadership.


There was no magic wand that was used to make this happen for me because all it took was getting started by figuring out how to properly perform what I knew I needed to do and identifying Why it wasn't getting done in the first place. The only question you need to ask yourself is: Do I want these same results?


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